What is winstrol 10mg

Stanozolol is a dihydrotestosterone (DHT), known as an androgenic anabolic steroid . More specifically, Stanozolol is a DHT hormone that has undergone 2 structural changes to create the Winstrol compound . This structural change takes place in carbon 17, which officially puts Stanozolol in the C17-Alpha (c17-aa) class of anabolic steroids.
Stanozolol 10 mg has   many positive effects . First of all is its capacity to significantly reduce the SHBG: Sex-Hormone-Binding Globulin. It was even shown that with very small doses of 10 mg, 50% of SHBG was reduced in a few days.

Stanozolol is one of the few anabolic steroids female athletes can use with not only success but in an often highly well-tolerated manner. Standard Winstrol doses for almost any female athlete will fall in the 10mg per day range and while this may seem low, as women are more sensitive to the hormone it will provide the benefits they are after. Some women in physique sports will go as high as 20mg every day but this really opens the door to potential virilization effects and is not recommended. If 10mg per day is not enough to provide what you need the athlete might want to consider other steroids as part of a cycle or stack; other solid options for the female performance athlete often include Anavar , Primobolan Depot and many of the SERMs and thyroid hormones as well as HGH .

In either case, both men and women, Anavar can be used for far longer than most oral anabolic steroids due to its low liver toxicity rating and further as it does not appear to taper off in benefit as fast as many other oral anabolic steroids. The majority of Anavar users will supplement for 6-8 weeks but longer durations of 12 weeks are not uncommon, especially during female contest preparation time. Keep in mind, the leaner you are the greater the results will be, meaning, they will be far more pronounced; for this reason most women will choose Anavar during the latter half of their diet to reap the greatest reward.

What is winstrol 10mg

what is winstrol 10mg


what is winstrol 10mgwhat is winstrol 10mgwhat is winstrol 10mgwhat is winstrol 10mgwhat is winstrol 10mg