Tren xtreme cycle

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Underground labs produce Tren Enanthate as 75g/ml or 100mg/ml and it is often recommended that first-time users choose the faster acting acetate over the enanthate version. It is recommended that injects be given to the novice user every other day. For more advanced users, injects of 500mg per week offer the best effects. However, because trenbolone has a negative effect on the libido, it is recommended that users also take testosterone and sometimes metsterolone to avoid issues with their libido. Tren Enanthate should not be used as the only anabolic in a bodybuilder’s cycle due to the limiting of mass gains when this occurs. Instead, the drug should be stacked with Dianabol, Anadrol or testosterone for maximum effect. Another reason for the reduce gains using Tren Enanthate alone is that estradol levels fall too low which causes natural testosterone to be suppressed.

Tren xtreme cycle

tren xtreme cycle


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