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From 1961 until 1974, wars raged in these countries as the locals demanded their right to self-rule, and the Portuguese hung desperately onto their empire power. But in many ways, it is remarkable that they were able to keep going for so long. Portugal is hardly a big country, and they were trying to ensure that their army was successful in not one, not two, but three different and separate wars. You can be the strongest military in the world, but sometimes the odds are just against you. Now, of course, those three countries are completely independent and allowed to run themselves, but even within the last thirty years, the story of one of the last colonial wars has already been forgotten.

No you can’t say usa cant be no 1 because child is weak when born but its not going to be weak always . as world turns everything changes . it has most advance warfare equipments at present age then any country in world I am not from USA . India is know to be prosperous country before conquired and also people with high brains so its no surprise that they to have advance warfare equipments. Not from India either. Most renowned present day scientists from Asia is mostly from india. Remember world is rotating nothing stayes at same position 1st may be last anytime last may be first .

Tren most powerful steroid

tren most powerful steroid


tren most powerful steroidtren most powerful steroidtren most powerful steroidtren most powerful steroidtren most powerful steroid