Tren ace vs tren e results

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Athletes, like all others, may have illnesses or conditions that require them to take particular medications. If the 
medication an athlete is required to take to treat an illness or condition happens to fall under the prohibited list, a therapeutic use exemption may give that athlete the authorization to take the needed medicine. Criteria for granting a therapeutic use exemption are 1.) The athlete would experience significant health problems without taking the prohibited substance or method, 2.) The therapeutic use of the substance would not produce significant enhancement of performance, and 3.) There is no reasonable therapeutic alternative to the use of the otherwise prohibited substance or method. Note hormone replacement therapy (HRT), . supplementing with prescribed testosterone in any form to raise testosterone levels due to natural decreases that occur with aging (even if to just elevate levels to within ‘normal’ ranges), is NOT considered a medicinal exception. Persons using HRT would not be eligible for WPA/NANBF/IPE competition.

Yoked..Thanks for the reply. Someone with experience like yours is just what I was hopin for. The EOD pinning schedule is kinda what I was hopin to get away from. With ACE and Test Prop in the same pin I experienced HORRIBLE PIP. I got a lot of different opinions about that and which compound was causing it. Have noticed any difference in PIP between esters or is that just somthin that varies from lab to lab? I've used a EQ fron a few different sources as well as Deca prior to this and never had that kind of PIP but both were run with either Cyp or Test E. Also question 2.. am I thinkin right for my weight with 400mg/week of any ester for Tren? 1st cycle at 75/EOD only came out like 275/week but again I was being very cautious for learning purposes. Also any input you can give me on Caber or Prami dosage to go with it would be great. I've read alot on those but as with everything with Tren opinions are all over the place.. Thanks in advance..

Tren ace vs tren e results

tren ace vs tren e results


tren ace vs tren e resultstren ace vs tren e resultstren ace vs tren e resultstren ace vs tren e resultstren ace vs tren e results