Tren ace kit

Tren is an extremely versatile anabolic steroid , and works exceptionally well for any purpose, such as bulking, lean mass addition, cutting, and sheer strength gaining. Lean and hard gains void of any additional ‘useless’ weight, such as water weight, is expected with Trenbolone. As Trenbolone does not convert into Estrogen , no water weight should ever be expected, and a soft bloated look should never occur with Trenbolone (as long as aromatization from other stacked compounds is kept under control). The incredible anabolic strength of Tren allows for a compound that can almost literally do anything the user wishes, provided nutrition and training are properly set.

I used this kit of puretropin for 4 weeks. My pinning schedule was 5 iu daily split into 2 pins. It was 5 days on then 2 days off. Before I started the puretropin I was running a previous sources gh at 8 iu daily and amazing I felt the same from 5 iu of puretropin as I did from 8 iu of the other sources. My hands and feet stayed swollen up with water and my skin stayed smooth and oily. My hair and nails continued to grow quickly and I felt a great pump in the gym. I continued to burn fat in my mid section and I can see my abs a little better than I could before I started the puretropin. I slept like a baby and I had some hard core cramping in my hands. I had bloods pulled at the end of 4 weeks on my last pin and my results are exactly what I figured they should be from my dose of 5iu of a good generic. https:///pics/igf-results-from-5-iu-daily-puretropin-after-1-month

Tren ace kit

tren ace kit


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