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I’m pinning 50-50-50 Ed pip was there some days and others not at all due to injection technique I believe, short esters also to blame for pip. I’m 4 weeks in and pr’s are steadily increasing, I’ve gained a solid 10lb’s, noticeably oily face (to me at least), I had a micro acne breakout on shoulders back and chest around week 2-3 but went away with acne body wash. Temper is a bit shorter than usual and it takes me way longer than normal to get over stupid things that shouldn’t make me angry, this is not normal for me, endurance sucks I get really winded from any cardio, libido is through the roof lol wife is loving that, no night sweats or insomnia from tren. No estrogen or prolactin sides and I’m not using the aromasin or Prami I have on hand. I know that’s not always a good sign but I believe I’m not prone to those sides.

I don't normally use stimulants as I used to suffer from real bad anxiety and stimulants would sometimes trigger bad attacks. But I thought I would bite the bullet and try them pre workout as I was struggling with energy levels because of the dreaded trensomnia.
Not the best tasting liquid in the world but I would recommend putting it in a cup of juice or small bottle of juice and drink roughly 30 mins pretty workout.
The first time I had one I must admit I felt uneasy as I could feel it starting to work giving me slight rushes through my body and I noticed I started to feel warmer.
I decided to just get on with what I was at the gym to do and the energy and focus I had was very impressive! Make sure you have plenty to drink when using them as you will sweat buckets but not feel thirsty at the time.
I still have 12 amps left with it will save incase I need them again.

Tren ace gen pharma

tren ace gen pharma


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