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The NBA has accepted the new style and adopted a collection of rules to deter physical play. The most important being the ban of hand checking, which makes it more difficult for defensive players to stay in front of their opponent. Some feel that the strict defensive rules has given NBA players a passive stance, as they are often seen complaining for a call with little or no contact. In today’s game, more fouls are called and much more time is spent at the free throw line than in other competitive leagues. This has forced some to call the upcoming class of American superstars soft and flashy in comparison to their European counterparts.

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I would never do a youtube video cuz i might be accused of using too. I trained for years quite casually until recently when i started lifting heavy and training 4 to 5 days a week any opp i got. Sometimes i only get 45 mins in. But i look at what i gained in that time and still think WOW, no way. I despise drugs in any form. Fought to get a friend off the awful things, dont even like asprin cuz i believe it teaches my body to be lazy. Not everyone who gains is on drugs guys. I personally know a guy who used a lot of stuff incl steroids and i am bigger than him.

Top ten steroids

top ten steroids


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