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I am a production welder for a small company in Illinois currently but I have worked for Caterpillar and compensation with benefits was no where near $100 an hour. So I have to ask where do you work? Because even the most dangerous jobs in welding dont even come close to $100 an hour including underwater welding. infact the average income for underwater welding is close to $30 an hour …not $100. unless they were talking about the top 5% of that industry. Look it up the list is flawed. most under water welding according to the something something of global statistics on average compensation of a underwater welder is like $ per hour. regardless i plan to move to Oregon in the next couple months to join in Seattle,WA. But i am still curious where you work making $100 an hour. Or were you including the benefits in wirh your pay?

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Top 100 tren zing

top 100 tren zing


top 100 tren zingtop 100 tren zingtop 100 tren zingtop 100 tren zingtop 100 tren zing