Test prop kick start cycle

An application of the thickest material available (we can supply it up to 2″ thick and these thicknesses may be contact cemented together for even thicker) installed between the rear cabin and engine/transmission will result in a definite, noticeable noise reduction. Most of the time this is easy to do as these areas are usually quite accessible. It may also be cemented to the inside upper bubble, seat backs and in the underside floor areas for even better results. This may not have a totally silencing effect on the flying noise, but can make conversation possible when on the ground without having to reduce power or use the intercom. The best results will be had by then cementing a layer of Reynolds Aluminum “Noise Barrier’ into the mat as was explained.

With any small-capacity, high-revving engine the gearbox has to be used and the Honda is no exception. To keep moving briskly, one is up and down the gears con­tinuously as dictated by traffic conditions. The engine is tractable enough to pull from around 20 mph in top gear but accelera­tion is mild, to say the least. From that sort of speed, one drops two gears if in a hurry. Unfortunately, in view of the amount of gear-changing done, both due to traffic and engine characteristics, the Honda gear-change is adequate rather than good. When chang­ing up there is a tendency to clunk and for the transmision to snatch slightly. This is not a major fault but something that is hard to detect although one is always conscious that it is not one of the best. It is when changing down that the mechanism becomes annoying, just as the 250 was when tested. This is, apparently, a common Honda characteristic which manifests itself by the box changing down from top to third and then steadfastly refusing to go down to second. Moving the gear pedal does not result in a neutral being found, the thing just stays in third. This becomes something of an embarrassment if one is stopping as the engine just will not pull away in third, even second is a struggle, so one has to juggle with the pedal until one finds a lower gear.

Test prop kick start cycle

test prop kick start cycle


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