Test prop eq results

All variants of Unix, Mac OS (old and new), and Stream_LF files on VMS use a single character to end each line in the external representation of text (even though that single character is CARRIAGE RETURN on old, pre-Darwin flavors of Mac OS, and is LINE FEED on Unix and most VMS files). In other systems like OS/2, DOS, and the various flavors of MS-Windows, your program sees a \ n as a simple \ cJ , but what's stored in text files are the two characters \ cM \ cJ . That means that if you don't use binmode on these systems, \ cM \ cJ sequences on disk will be converted to \ n on input, and any \ n in your program will be converted back to \ cM \ cJ on output. This is what you want for text files, but it can be disastrous for binary files.

Test prop eq results

test prop eq results


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