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In the winter of 2013 in Leh , the Army was expected to begin the winter trials of the short-listed rifles: Beretta ARX 160 from Italy, CZ-805 BREN from Czech Republic , ACE 1 of Israel Weapon Industries , SIG Sauer SG 551 from Switzerland and the Colt Combat Rifle from the USA, a variant of the M16A1 made for the Indian Army's requirements. [30] [33] By February 2014, the four rifles remaining in the competition were the CZ-805, ARX-160, Galil ACE, and Colt Combat Rifle. [34] The Indian Army began the final round of trials for its requirement for  mm carbines in June 2014. The remaining rifles were the Beretta ARX-160, Colt M4, and IWI Galil ACE. [35] By October 2014, only the Galil ACE and ARX-160 were left in the competition. [36] However, the Army sent a letter to the manufacturers on 15 June 2015, to notify them that the tender has been retracted. [37]

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Is tren ace good

is tren ace good


is tren ace goodis tren ace goodis tren ace goodis tren ace goodis tren ace good