Ammonium propionate uses

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High concentrations of iron and manganese in the Canadian Barrie region, mean that a sequestering agent is required for potable water. The City of Barrie Water Operations Branch uses sodium silicate (Na2SiO3) to bind the Fe/Mn and prevent it from oxidising. The effect is aesthetic to avoid staining sanitary ware. Diaphragm metering pumps had been chosen to meter between 4-6 parts sodium silicate, until sticking ball valves and clogging caused serious maintenance issues at the unmanned site. Investing in Qdos pumps was easy for the Water Operations Department to justify on the costs of downtime and spare parts alone.

Ammonium propionate uses

ammonium propionate uses


ammonium propionate usesammonium propionate usesammonium propionate usesammonium propionate usesammonium propionate uses